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2013 EPIC Journey

A blog? How am I going to write a blog? I can barely compose a Facebook status or a Tweet without spelling or grammar errors. I am a father, friend, firefighter and triathlete all of which don’t require me to sit still and put any thoughts on “paper.” How will I be able to sit down, get creative and write a blog for Christ sakes? Well, the answer is simple: it’s about going after new challenges and goals in 2013.

While 2012 was a great year I quickly realized what it was going to be. A year of restructuring and taking time to prepare for an EPIC 2013.

So you are asking WTF am I talking about talking about? But after a DNF (did not finish) at Ironman Lake Placid, I realized that I was missing a lot in my life. I missed spending time family and friends because I was dedicating so much to training and following such a strict training plan. I missed going fast at the 70.3 and shorter race distances. Basically I was missing out in the enjoyment of the sport and life because I was I focused so much on one goal that I forgot about everything else. Well, after the best DNF of my life, I woke up and vowed not to let those things happen and got started focusing on setting goals for 2013.

Goal number one for 2013 is to spend more time with family and friends. How? By choosing not to race further than 70.3 and keeping training at a minimum, but intense, level. By keeping training raw and getting out there and joining in group rides with friends. By having time to enjoy the epic swims at Lake T, and West Hill, rides to Granville MA, or just kicking back and enjoying the challenges and benefits of a boot camp or yoga class.

That goal in and of itself can keep me focused and motivated for 2013, but I also take time to thank Sean Watkins and the whole Wattie Ink EliteTeamfor helping me redefine what’s truly important in life. When I submitted my application, I spoke of all my goals for 2013 and they took a chance on me and accepted me to their team. With the support of the W, I’m looking forward to an exciting list of achievements that, while may be shorter in distance, will far surpass anything I’ve done before…




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